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Much of my work to date has been influenced by a fascination of the unknown in the context of "uniformity." Beautiful patterns can be found in the most mundane everyday items, such as: discarded bits of steel, old pennies, left over nails and washers from a construction site; contrasting colors you see everywhere in chipping paint and rusty shed roofs; intimate details in architecture; dirt covered circles from the manhole cover you just walked by or huge shipments of steel tubing packaged on a train bed and the way it changes as you drive by. These are the graceful, subtle details in everyday life.

Topographical images of our landscape also play a part in my theory of patterns; the way we lay out housing developments in neat little rows, block by block and the way a river or mountain can navigate through the land creating indescribable shapes and lines. The chaotic order to all of this becomes my partner in the creation of a piece. This unknown is what compels and influences my attempt to recreate these everyday subtleties.